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TaxCaddy FAQs

HOW TO USE TAX CADDY | TIPS AND RESOURCES Q: Which internet browser works best with TaxCaddy?  A: When using TaxCaddy, Google Chrome is recommended. However, Firefox, Edge and Safari are also supported. TaxCaddy is not supported on Internet Explorer. For best…

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TaxCaddy Tips & Resources

HOW TO USE TAX CADDY | TAXCADDY FAQ's TaxCaddy’s Photo-Scan Feature Instead of using the camera on your smartphone, be sure to use TaxCaddy’s photo-scan feature to take pictures of your documents. TaxCaddy will convert your photos to high-quality PDF…

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How to use TaxCaddy

TIPS AND RESOURCES | TAXCADDY FAQ's Filing your income tax return can be a time-consuming hassle.  By using TaxCaddy and SafeSend Returns, you’ll save time and enjoy a more streamlined, paperless and automated experience. Your tax professional’s work is complicated, but your part…

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