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Cloud accounting: is it right for your small business or not-for-profit?

Until now, your small business has gotten by with delinquent financial data, weak internal controls, and staff turnover. You can afford an accounting and reporting platform for payroll applications, processing purchases and disbursements, handling credit cards and expense reports, and financial reporting that integrate with your banking accounts. Save valuable time from the administrative burdens of cutting checks, keep up with general ledger entries on a spreadsheet, and use a desktop payroll solution. 

What if your desktop payroll solution computer crashes? What if you’re audited? And what if your accounting person leaves the company suddenly and unexpectedly?

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. Let’s talk about alternatives to how you “keep your books” right now, so you can optimize your current investment and succeed sooner with our OneSource service delivery model in the upcoming year.  

What is Cloud Accounting Software?

Cloud accounting software allows you to perform all of your accounting functions in one secure place. Did you know that 90% of all organizations use the cloud for business operations? From financial data, tax software, and records, data entries saved in the cloud are secure and easy to access if an employee leaves the organization. 

For example, most cloud accounting software, such as Aldridge Borden’s OneSource solution, is easy to set up and even easier to use.  

What are the Benefits of Cloud Accounting?

The benefits of cloud accounting software for small business owners are extensive. Here are a few examples of how cloud accounting software can benefit you more than the manual or traditional process you might be using right now:

  • First and foremost, when you opt to use cloud-based integrated software, you forego the complexity of installing a traditional accounting software product. You also save yourself from the risk of remembering to install updates and hoping the program never crashes, causing you to lose valuable, irreplaceable data. You enable integration with various operational apps to facilitate more efficient operations.

  • You will have access to instantaneous reporting, which is valuable for making quick and informed decisions about the health of your business. With spreadsheets, you have to wait for everyone’s spreadsheet to be collated together. With cloud accounting, your data and reporting are always up to date. Not to mention, Aldridge Borden’s OneSource software has many great template reports for you to tailor to your needs.

  • You lessen the opportunity for cybercriminals to hack your office computers and gain user access to sensitive information. Since your accounting data lives in remote servers and not on your desktop, it’s almost impossible for tricky computer hackers to tap into your accounting data.

  • Cloud accounting helps your office move toward a more paper-free environment. Working with physical financial reporting documents can significantly drain your and your employees’ time. Cloud accounting is eco-friendly and can also reduce the number of filing cabinets you need in your offices!

Scale your Business Operations with OneSource From Aldridge Borden

As your business grows, cloud accounting software allows you to scale with confidence, knowing you have accurate real-time financial data and are able to provide such information for analysis and provide it to bankers and investors. Cloud computing is the direction organizations are going, so it’s time to consider the savings it can represent to your organization.

View the benefits of Aldridge Borden’s cloud-based accounting software, or give us a call at 334-834-6640. Because we are cloud-based, we can serve clients in any geographical location. Our physical offices are located in Montgomery, Wetumpka, and Auburn.  

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