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How to use TaxCaddy


Filing your income tax return can be a time-consuming hassle.  By using TaxCaddy and SafeSend Returns, you’ll save time and enjoy a more streamlined, paperless and automated experience. Your tax professional’s work is complicated, but your part should not be.

Getting Started is Easy as 1, 2, 3…

The TaxCaddy software solution makes it easier than ever to organize and submit your tax documents. With TaxCaddy, you can:

  • Gather your 1040 tax documents
  • Send them to us securely
  • Communicate with your tax advisor
  • Answer your information questionnaire
  • Sign documents like your engagement letter

With TaxCaddy, paper organizers will be a thing of the past, and you’ll make less trips to the office.  As always, we are still available to you in-person and virtually.  Feel free to call, email, or stop by to talk to your tax advisor whenever you have questions.

STEP 1 – Sign Up

  • When you receive a TaxCaddy invitation email from Aldridge Borden, click the “Sign Up Free” button
  • Create your password
  • Select your three security questions
  • Follow the steps to create your TaxCaddy account

STEP 2 – Connect

  • Log in to your TaxCaddy account and accept the connection request from Aldridge Borden
  • This will allow you to communicate with Aldridge Borden by sending and receiving messages, requests, letters and other communication

Step 3 – Begin

  • Your spouse or financial advisor can be added as an additional user and granted access to your TaxCaddy account at any time
  • Set up a link to your bank and brokerage accounts and let TaxCaddy automatically receive your tax documents
  • Install the TaxCaddy app for iPhone or Android to use it to take photographs of paper documents as you receive them

Your Annual TaxCaddy Action Steps

Each January, you’ll find important action items within your TaxCaddy account.  Make sure to:

Once you’ve completed the requested items and the questionnaire for this tax year, click Done Uploading. This will notify us to begin preparing your return. 

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