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What is Cloud-Based Accounting 

Cloud-based accounting software or online accounting software is an online software or web application that is hosted on a remote server. Users are able to use the application and save data on it in “the cloud” where it is processed and stored.

How Does Cloud Accounting Software Work

Cloud accounting software can be accessed on individual computers and devices by using the internet to log in to the application. One of the incredible benefits of using cloud accounting or online accounting is that this eliminates the need for companies to set up individual desktops. Anyone with the login credentials and access can use the software from their own device. This makes it easy to share and work with multiple people in different locations.

How Do You Use A Cloud Accounting Software

Accounting can be intimidating and daunting for small business owners and employees alike. As a business owner or HR professional, accounting can be confusing and scary. In these instances, using an online accounting software tailored to small businesses can be a lifesaver. To make life even easier, online accounting softwares are generally made with small business owners and professionals in mind. This means that the platform is intuitive and has a small learning curve.

To use cloud accounting software, simply navigate to the website and log in to the platform. From there, the details may vary depending on which software you are using. Typically, there is a dashboard to give you a quick overview of accounts. This includes tables and graphs that are easy to understand. Additionally, there is a navigation that can be used to get to the modules that are important to you. There are often links to areas of the site where you can take action.

What Are The Benefits of Using Cloud Accounting Software

There are tremendous benefits to switching over to using online accounting software. From collaboration to technical support and backup, the pros of using a cloud accounting software far outweigh the cons. Using an online accounting software can take care of several tasks through automation that can free up small businesses to focus on the work that is important to them. The list of benefits include:

  • Easy collaboration with team members 
  • Automation to save time
  • Data Backups are generally included with the software
  • Go green and switch to paperless by keeping everything online
  • No more installing programs on individual computers
  • Technical Support in case of emergency
  • Access to finances and information from anywhere
  • Access to accountants that can help

OneSource, A Cloud Accounting Solution For Small Businesses

OneSource is our cloud-based accounting software solution for small businesses and medium businesses alike. OneSource, as a premier small business accounting software option, is a fully customizable accounting solution. For more information, please contact us to get started.

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