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Aldridge Borden & Company’s Family Office

The opinion of Aldridge Borden & Company has been relied upon by businesses and other organizations since 1918. Such confidence is directly related to the skills and integrity of Aldridge Borden & Company’s employees and our commitment to quality.

Aldridge Borden & Company’s Family Office can serve as your family’s personal accounting department with a complete line of personal financial administration services tailored to meet your individual family’s needs. You can go about your daily life, having peace of mind knowing that our experienced staff simplifies day-to-day, weekly, or monthly administrative tasks.

  • Bill monitoring and payment
  • Banking needs, including bank deposits and transfers
  • Reconciling and monitoring bank and investment accounts
  • Reconciling and monitoring credit card activity
  • Household payroll and payroll tax reporting
  • Preparation of personal budgets and projections
  • Assistance with major financial transactions
  • Gathering/organization of information to prepare personal tax return
  • Maintaining financial records and financial reporting
  • Processing receipts and disbursements for rental properties
  • Net worth analysis
  • Tracking and analysis of family assets
  • Estate and gift tax planning
  • Assist with charitable giving strategies
  • Provide conservatorship and court accounting
  • Document management

We can work with you to help you meet current and long-term goals through a customized accounting plan. Aldridge Borden & Company’s Family Office relieves the pressure of dealing with all the details, while helping you reclaim precious time, increase efficiency, and improve organization.

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