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Onesource - by Aldridge Borden & Company

Three reasons the OneSource solution keeps you IN your biz and OUT of accounting

If you’re a small business owner, you are clearly a subject matter expert in your industry and business. However, it’s not likely that you’re also an accounting expert — perhaps you even hate it! Keeping up with your books and taking the time to manage payroll can cut into the time and resources you would otherwise spend focusing on your clients and products/services. This can end up costing you significantly, especially if you aren’t experienced with business accounting. 

So what can you do as a small to medium business owner to ensure accurate and efficient accounting? You outsource your accounting. The challenge then becomes finding an accounting firm that provides accurate and transparent accounting solutions while making the success of your business a priority. 

At Aldridge, Borden & Company, we have served as a full-service CPA firm to a wide array of clients and industries. We know how to help your business succeed with business accounting and consulting resources using tailored strategies. Leveraging our OneSource solution, we can also offer consulting services, true transparency, and real-time reporting. 

In this blog post, we will look at how the OneSource solution handles your general accounting needs, payroll, and tax filing.

#1 – the OneSource Cloud-Based Accounting solution handles your general accounting needs

OneSource is the client delivery tool Aldridge, Borden & Company uses to incorporate a host of accounting services. From payroll accounting to tax strategies, we provide this tool so that you can always see your overall business accounting strategy in one place. 

We manage this system for you and train you to use the applications necessary for transparency and accurate, real-time reporting. 

The OneSource solution handles things like:

  • General ledger and customized reporting
  • Bill pay processing
  • Cloud-based payroll processing and tax filing
  • Paperless filing cabinet
  • Secure document storage and backup

The OneSource solution is customizable and incorporates the tailored strategy we prepare for your business goals. This software, combined with our expertise and coaching, means you eliminate the risk of fraud, and you have the transparency you need. And with backup storage, you don’t have to worry about IT issues. 

When combined with our other business accounting and consulting services, the OneSource solution gives you the ability to grow confidently and instill confidence in your investors with accurate, reliable information. 

After all, the ability to have an “outsourced CFO” is a scalable solution that takes one more thing off of your plate.

#2 – Payroll handled for you with the OneSource solution

Let’s face it: payroll processing is a huge time and cost burden. It’s not a task the average business owner looks forward to handling. Therefore, outsourcing your payroll processing is a logical step that saves you time, money, and the mental energy you need to run your business. The OneSource solution helps streamline payroll processes for accuracy and efficiency.

Our payroll administration services are comprised of: 

  • Process payroll
  • Payroll tax 
  • Payroll document storage and backup

#3 – Tax filing dragging you down? The OneSource solution comes through

Every entrepreneur attempts to handle their own taxes at first. “How hard could it be?” they think. They use an off-the-shelf software tool and perhaps for a while, everything goes as planned. But more often than not, there comes a day where you realize just how much time you’re spending figuring out something like the tax implication of a multi-state transaction, and you realize – you’ve got to offload these services. 

However, once you’ve utilized the OneSource solution, you’ll realize you should have outsourced your taxes a long time ago.

With our tax filing services, we handle: 

  • Yearly tax returns
  • Tax planning
  • Retirement plan returns
  • Entity selection
  • Transaction analysis
  • Multi-State Sales & Use Tax
  • Payroll Tax

You do you; let the accounting experts at Aldridge, Borden & Company handle the rest

As CPAs, managing the OneSource solution for you is second nature to us. With our help, you’ll effortlessly pull reports, have access to dashboards, and have top-level financial information at your fingertips for reference on how your business is doing. When paired with other services, the OneSource solution becomes a vital tool in your strategy for success. 

We also offer all of our services in a more traditional format. But however you choose to employ our services, we can guarantee you will be empowered to succeed sooner than you ever expected! 

Learn more about the OneSource solution and other accounting and business consulting services provided at Aldridge, Borden & Company.

Since 1918, businesses have relied on the opinion and expertise of Aldridge, Borden & Company. The confidence these businesses have in our firm comes from our integrity and commitment to quality. If you’d like to save time and costs by outsourcing your accounting to a firm that will put the success of your business as its top priority, contact us today. 

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