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About Aldridge Borden & Company

Since 1918, Aldridge, Borden & Company, P.C. has served as a full-service CPA firm to a wide array of clients and industries. Headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, with offices in Wetumpka and Auburn, our trained, experienced Certified Public Accountants and other professionals go beyond the core practice areas of tax compliance, auditing, and bookkeeping. We also are educated on the newest and best ways to handle being in the accounting profession and require all of our accountants to hold a CPA license, ensuring our clients get the very best services.

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Flexible Services for all your Needs

The passion we have for our clients drives what we do. We remain committed to helping you thrive and achieve more of what’s important to you. Our goal is to help you grow and protect your value by being on your side and enabling you to seize opportunities as they arise. With our licensed accounting professionals, we’re here for your financial reporting and financial planning needs. We want your business to maintain independence while working with our trusted advisor to reach your goals and educate your business. That’s why we create custom strategies based on original research. We can help with tax planning, attestation services, auditing standards, tax returns, public accounting, and more.

Our History

Our founder, Mayer W. Aldridge, was a native of Lower Peachtree in Wilcox County, Alabama. In the early 1900s, he moved to Montgomery as the Keeper of the Seal (Secretary-Treasurer) for the local chapter of the Knights of Columbus. Mr. Aldridge began offering his services as an accountant and tax advisor to the general public in 1918, and quickly became known throughout central and south Alabama as a leading authority on the Internal Revenue code.

Years of combined experience for our CPA’s
Employee retention over 5 years
opinions on Peer Review since inception
on over 35 River Region NonProfit Boards

Several of our Attestation managers are also certified valuation analysts (CVA), and we are committed to developing this mindset in all our staff. This results in our clients receiving value-added service through consulting and management recommendations that stem from the engagements we perform. Understanding the industry, economy, analytical data, internal processing systems, and specific company risks are essential to effective and efficient engagement. Many times, this understanding results in advisory comments that help management in making decisions that are critical to their success.

Client Accounting Services

OneSource is our cloud-based accounting software solution for small businesses and medium businesses alike. OneSource, as a premier small business accounting software option, is a fully customizable accounting solution. We have the tools to fully integrate your financial information and provide you with accurate, real-time reporting.

We at Aldridge Borden & Co. take pride in our experience and training. All of our tax professionals are Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s). We have many CPAs who are Certified Valuation Analysts (CVAs), Personal Financial Specialists (PFS), and Accredited Estate Planners (AEPs®). Our CPAs are sure to follow federal and state laws so you don’t have to worry about learning tax law, while getting the best tax deductions. Don’t let tax season stress you out; let us handle it!

We provide a realistic, comprehensive assessment of your business. The plan our consultants create will help you plan ahead for your future and keep you ahead of the competition in your industry. Aldridge Borden & Co will make sure you have the information you need and help you plan for the future.

The health of your information technology strategy is evaluated closely in collaboration with you. In order to meet your unique business requirements, our experts help you develop a comprehensive security plan. If you want to grow your business and improve your IT, we’re ready to help.

The Family Office at Aldridge Borden & Co. can serve as your family’s personal accounting department with a complete range of personal financial administration services tailored to meet your unique needs. We simplify day-to-day, weekly, or monthly administration tasks so you don’t have to worry about them.

The goal of small business accounting, like all accounting, is to track the money flowing into and out of the business accounts. Revenue, expenditures, and sales are among the activities recorded. Financial statements must be analyzed and reported to gauge the health of the business so it can become more profitable.

Accounting and finances may seem complicated to a nonprofit organization. Non-profit organizations can receive funding from many sources including donors, membership dues, fundraising, and more. Luckily, Aldridge Borden & Co. is here to help the pieces fall into place. Let us help your nonprofit today!

New Legislation On Alabama Overtime Pay Exemption

On June 8, 2023, Governor Kay Ivey passed legislation exempting overtime wages earned by full-time hourly employees from Alabama gross income and consequently from Alabama state income tax.
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Aldridge, Borden & Company Announces Employee Promotions

Aldridge, Borden & Company is pleased to announce several promotions for our employees.
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Aldridge, Borden & Company Names New Partner

Aldridge, Borden & Company is pleased to announce the promotion of Principal Joe Mills, CPA, to Partner
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Aldridge, Borden & Company Names New Partner

Aldridge, Borden & Company is pleased to announce the promotion of Principal Amanda Hines, CPA, to Partner. 
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At Aldridge, Borden & Company, we’re here for you when you need us. We strive to give our clients the personal attention they need to achieve their financial goals through every stage of life. Please contact us with any questions and let us know how we may help you.

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