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Flexible accounting solutions for all your business-needs

OneSource software is our cloud-based accounting software technology solution for small businesses and medium businesses alike. As a premier small business accounting software option, OneSource is a fully customizable accounting solution that is user-friendly. We have the tools to fully integrate your financial information and provide you with unlimited access to accurate, real-time reporting on any computer or device. 

ONESOURCE gives you a centralized location to standardize and streamline all of your tax work so you can save time, make quick decisions, track accuracy, and report with confidence on your account.

  • General ledger and customized reporting
  • Bill pay processing
  • Cloud-based payroll processing and tax filing compliance
    • Corporate income tax
    • Onesource tax provision
    • Create and manage a Paperless filing cabinet for invoices and more
  • Data management systems
  • Secure document storage and save backups

With OneSource, you gain the expertise and resources of a full CPA firm, unlike other accounting software options. This allows you as the small business owner to spend more time working on your core mission or spending time nurturing clients. These services are also offered in a traditional, non-cloud-based format, that is easy to navigate.

Paired with other services, you will be empowered to succeed sooner than expected!

Why You’ll Love The Software
  • Provides a best practices model
  • Turnkey accounting solutions
  • Transparency & accountability to users
  • Enhances accuracy & timeliness
  • Ensures timely customized financial reporting
  • Facilitates operational & financial analysis
  • Improves the efficiency of workflow processes
  • Strengthens internal controls
  • Reduces risks of fraud
  • Secure off-site backup & data storage
  • Reduces administrative burdens on management
  • Excellent investment value
  • Support from CPA firm with 100+ years of experience
Custom Solutions
  • Integrates GL with banking activities
  • Integrates with SaaS software for efficiency
  • Custom reporting & financial dashboard
  • Cloud-based access to financial data
  • Cloud-based filing system
  • Payroll services including processing and tax filing
  • Produces stakeholder confidence
  • Facilitates growth & sustainability
  • Reduces administrative burdens of management
  • Reduces risk of fraud
  • Provides audit trails & facilitates external audits
  • Excellent investment value
  • Firm-wide service delivery approach
  • Tailored pairing of services
  • Based on assessment of current process
  • Contractual services – Know in advance your cost & scope of service
  • Designed to produce successful results
Risk-free Capital Generating Strategies

Cost Segregation Studies


Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Research/Development Tax Credit

Realize Wireless
Cost Savings
Realize Waste
Cost Savings
Realize Employer
Benefit Savings
Our Partners
Corey R. Savoie
William L. Cox

Billy and Corey have a combined 50+ years of experience in public accounting & business consulting. They are ready to discuss with you how OneSource by Aldridge Borden client service delivery model, in partnership with The SafeBridge Group, can help you succeed sooner! Let us serve as Your Partner in Profitability .

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