Our People

Highlighted Service Groups

  • Ashley C. Lough, CPA

    Principal, Attestation

  • Jason A. Westbrook, CPA, CVA

    Principal, Attestation, Consulting

  • William L. Cox, CPA, CVA

    Partner, Attestation

  • Bonnee Barrow Bailey, CPA, CVA

    Principal, Taxation

  • Caterina A. Mozingo, CPA, PFS

    Principal, Taxation

  • Charles M. Solomon

    Manager, Information Technology

  • Corey R. Savoie, CPA

    Manager, Attestation

  • W. Dane Floyd, CPA, CVA, ABV, CFF

    Partner, Attestation, Consulting

  • David G. Borden, CPA

    Partner, Consulting

  • B. David Chandler, CPA

    Partner, Taxation

  • James E. Blake, CPA

    Partner, Attestation, Taxation

  • Jeffrey T. Windham, CPA, ABV, CVA, CFF

    Partner, Consulting

  • Leigh McCalla Dykes, CPA

    Principal, Attestation

  • Rhonda L. Sibley, CPA, AEP

    Partner, Taxation

  • Rhonda D. Seay, CPA, CGMA

    Manager, Family Office

  • Richard N. Yon, CPA

    Partner, Attestation

  • Scott Grier, CPA, CVA

    Principal, Attestation

  • Wesley C. Blake, CPA

    Manager, Attestation, Taxation

  • Attestation

    Aldridge Borden attestation service group provides compilations, reviews, and a unique audit approach with input from Certified Valuation Analysts.

  • Information Technology

    Information Technology (IT) consultants at Aldridge Borden provide computer network design, software recommendations, and system maintenance/support.

  • Taxation

    Taxation services from Aldridge Borden include preparation of returns and tax planning for individual, business, fiduciary, and information concerns.

  • Bookkeeping

    Through its bookkeeping service group, Aldridge, Borden & Company can provide a wide spectrum of services.

  • Consulting

    Aldridge Borden's consulting service group offers business valuation, financial, forensics, tax and accounting as well as litigation support.

  • Family Office

    Aldridge, Borden & Company's Family Office offers a complete line of personal financial administration services tailored to meet your specific, individual needs.

  • OneSource

    OneSource provides the medium through which we can work together to add value to your business.
Aldridge, Borden & Company, P.C.


Since 1918, Aldridge, Borden & Company, P.C. has served as a full-service CPA firm to a wide array of clients and industries. Located in downtown Montgomery, Alabama, our trained, experienced Certified Public Accountants and other professionals go beyond the core practice areas of tax compliance, auditing and bookkeeping, by offering specialized services including management advisory services, business valuation, personal financial services, estate and gift tax planning, tax consulting and planning, and information technology consulting. In addition to integrity being a cornerstone of our success, we are committed to independence in fact and appearance. We pride ourselves on our reputation for maintaining that standard. While offering services to our clients and the community for nearly a century, Aldridge, Borden & Company continues to be your trusted and dependable accounting and financial service provider by consistently providing objective, clear and accurate information.